Wednesday 20 March 2013

Shackleton altered book sculpture

This is my latest book sculpture, a commission for a client who wanted a piece based on the Antarctic exploits of Sir Ernest Shackleton.
A quick google image search for inspiration turned up the image below which seemed to capture the feeling of what was wanted very well. It is from an image library and I can find no real attribution for it, so I have no idea how accurate a depiction of the events it is, but then that is not really what I was going for, more a 'feeling' of Shackleton's adventure.

 I picked up a cheap copy of 'Endurance' by Alfred Lansing on ebay, this forms the base of the sculpture. I then added ice floes and cut small waves around them.

I then cut the figures and sculpted the boat in the foreground. The piece is finished with a warm yellow LED which give a really good impression of fire.
 Other examples of my work can be found as ever on my website.

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