Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Back to posting

It has been been a while since my last post, my free time has been somewhat used up by making some book sculptures for the Christmas window of the shop where I work.
Each of the trees was cut freehand with a rotating bladed scalpel, pretty time consuming but gives a nice finish.
This one had the inside of the book hollowed out to allow a Moonlight to be inserted, gives off a lovely magical glow.
Not the easiest to take a good picture of, this one has Fairy lights inside the paper farmhouse.
Confession time, the ideas for these influenced by Su Blackwell. Her works is amazing, not only showing a high degree of skill, but a really brilliant imagination, check out her website.

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed with the blog, and I will get back to the real art!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Susan Hiller - Residue (Left Over)

This is another recent eBay purchase, and one I am very happy with indeed. I have been a fan of Susan Hiller's 'At the Freud Museum' installation work since first seeing it 10 or so years ago.
I first came across this limited edition multiple a few years ago on Bookworks website, but never thought I would be able to buy one as it was in an edition of only 10 and long sold out. I have no idea what the original selling price was - if anyone knows I would much appreciate the information.
Residue (left over) resembles an archaeological collection box, inside of which is a corsage made of painted silk. The corsage was produced in Germany in the occupied Soviet Zone circa 1947 at a time when factory production was carefully monitored. With an original numbered label, reading 'made in Germany USSR occupied', this work has a haunting resonance. A quotation from Walter Benjamin is printed on the inside of the lid of the box
Residue (left over) is produced as an adjunct to Susan Hiller's installation 'At the Freud Museum', commissioned by Book Works for 'The Reading Room'. It is a response to Sigmund Freud's astonishing collection of art and antiquities, his library and his consulting room at his last home, in Hampstead, London.