Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mario Testino prints at Counter Editions

Mario Testino print - Julianne Moore at the Crillon Hotel, Paris (2010)

  • Special launch price (normal price £800. You save £150)
  • Edition of 175
  • C-type print on Fuji crystal archive supergloss paper
  • 50 x 60 cm
  • Signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Julianne Moore at the Crillon Hotel, Paris (2010) is set in the deeply luxuriant interior of the Crillon, an 18th Century masterpiece of neo-classical architecture, renowned for its display of delicate sculpture and extraordinary wood panels. In sheer lingerie but otherwise fully dressed with a belt, shoes, stole, and bedecked with jewellery, Moore looks caught in a moment of intimacy. Her gaze, however, holds us, confronting us with our desire as we become lost in the drenched flash lit moment, highlighting Moore's sensuality and the opulence of her surrounds.
Buy it here.

Mario Testino - Lara Stone (2010)


  • Special launch price (normal price £800. You save £150)
  • Edition of 175
  • C-type print on Fuji crystal archive supergloss paper
  • 60 x 50 cm
  • Signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Lara Stone (2010) sees the model reclining in swathes of black tulle and chiffon, a slick of satin flowing from the ceiling across the floor. Stone rests contemplatively as though a patient sitter for a Joshua Reynolds painting. The feeling is of a bygone time when days passed more slowly. Her gaze is momentarily diverted away from the camera, suggesting we have caught her in a moment of private thought, yet her body remains obediently fixed in an almost porcelain doll like pose.
Buy it here.

Maxwell Anderson - Ten Days in July

This book is kind of a post script to the earlier See You Soon.

Following on from the book See You SoonTen Days in July documents
Jun's 10 day visit to London one year after she returned to Tokyo.
Through photographs and personal emails, Ten Days In July briefly steps
in to an endearing relationship which is forever disrupted by the turmoil
of long distance.

When the couple were separated, they thought they would never see
each other again. The four months they spent together would remain a
memory. However, the strength of their love for each other prevailed.
The book begins with a short email dialogue, catching the torment of
being so far apart. But when re-united, it is evident through the
photographs that being together comes naturally, although in some
cases, looking closer at Jun's expression, the complexity of the
situation haunts the atmosphere.

Published in an edition of 100 copies, each numbered by Anderson, the
book also has one page torn out from each copy.

Get yours here.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Raymond Meeks - Orchard series just announced


a series of collaborative journals from Raymond Meeks

Crime Victims Chronicle, with Deborah Luster

We are pleased to announce the release of Volume One in the Orchard series from Raymond Meeks.
Crime Victims Chronicle, with Deborah Luster, received an overwhelming response at the New York Art Book Fair in early November. This collaborative journal combines Ray's photographs with a portfolio of images from Deb's forthcoming body of work, "Tooth for an Eye".
Printed in the United States on Mohawk Superfine paper. The book features a hand-sewn binding and letterpress-printed cover by esteemed book artist Rory Sparks in Portland, OR.
Please visit the website for additional details and purchasing information.

Sebastien Girard - Desperate Cars special edition

I blogged about the release of this book a few days ago and my copy arrived this morning - really quick service!
The reproductions are of a very high standard throughout and a purchase od the standard edition would be recommended.
This is the special edition that has a different cover and comes with this signed and numbered print.
This is number 51 of 100, so if they are being sent out sequentially they are selling out really fast - get you copy now while you can - buy yours here.

Jonathan Safran Foer - Tree of Codes

This book has been getting a lot of attention and I'm not surprised.
There is a nice microsite from the publisher Visual Editions that has lots of detail about the ideas behind and production of the book.
I ordered my copy direct from the publisher and I may have just been unlucky, but I had really terrible service - you may be better off trying to get a copy elsewhere.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Kevin J. Miyazaki - A booklet 38

A nice little book and print from photographer Kevin J. Miyazaki.
Comes with this excellently worded signed certificate - details very nicely the scope and reach blogging.
Edition: 150. Title: 38. Saddle stitched, 6x6". Print title: Cemetery Flowers, Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Digital c-print on Fuji crystal archive matte paper, 7x5.5". Available from Kevin's blog.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sebastien Girard - Desperate Cars

After the brilliant Nothing But Home Sebastien Girard is back with a new book Desperate Cars, again published in a standard edition of 500 or a special edition of 100 which comes with a print. I have just ordered my copy of the special edition. Nothing But Home sold out fast, so I suggest you move quickly.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Back to posting

It has been been a while since my last post, my free time has been somewhat used up by making some book sculptures for the Christmas window of the shop where I work.
Each of the trees was cut freehand with a rotating bladed scalpel, pretty time consuming but gives a nice finish.
This one had the inside of the book hollowed out to allow a Moonlight to be inserted, gives off a lovely magical glow.
Not the easiest to take a good picture of, this one has Fairy lights inside the paper farmhouse.
Confession time, the ideas for these influenced by Su Blackwell. Her works is amazing, not only showing a high degree of skill, but a really brilliant imagination, check out her website.

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed with the blog, and I will get back to the real art!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Susan Hiller - Residue (Left Over)

This is another recent eBay purchase, and one I am very happy with indeed. I have been a fan of Susan Hiller's 'At the Freud Museum' installation work since first seeing it 10 or so years ago.
I first came across this limited edition multiple a few years ago on Bookworks website, but never thought I would be able to buy one as it was in an edition of only 10 and long sold out. I have no idea what the original selling price was - if anyone knows I would much appreciate the information.
Residue (left over) resembles an archaeological collection box, inside of which is a corsage made of painted silk. The corsage was produced in Germany in the occupied Soviet Zone circa 1947 at a time when factory production was carefully monitored. With an original numbered label, reading 'made in Germany USSR occupied', this work has a haunting resonance. A quotation from Walter Benjamin is printed on the inside of the lid of the box
Residue (left over) is produced as an adjunct to Susan Hiller's installation 'At the Freud Museum', commissioned by Book Works for 'The Reading Room'. It is a response to Sigmund Freud's astonishing collection of art and antiquities, his library and his consulting room at his last home, in Hampstead, London.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Amy Stein prints available at 20x200

Taken from the Halloween in Harlem series by one of my faves Amy Stein.
These are hand made C-prints rather than the usual inkjet fare of 20x200, according to Amy's blog.
Loving the Powerpuff Girls.

Pricing structure and edition number structure seems a little bizarre - why is the 14"x11" in an edition of 250? And an edition of 50 for the 20"x16" seems a little high.
I preferred the old clean structure from back when I got this fantastic Brian Ulrich print, $200 for an edition of 20 and Brian even signed them on the back, not just on the cert.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Alec and Carmen Soth Brighton Picture Hunt limited edition print

Like my previous post about Rinko Kawauchi Brighton Picture Hunt is another limited edition print produced by Photoworks Editions for the Brighton Photo Biennial exhibition Strange and Familiar: Three Views of Brighton, this one by Alec Soth, with the help of his daughter Carmen.
Once again it comes in a small edition of just 50 for only £150 and is signed and numbered on the reverse by Alec and Carmen Soth.
For more information and details of how to purchase go to the Photoworks website, or give them a call on 01273 607500.

Rinko Kawauchi Murmuration print

This new print by Rinko Kawauchi is taken from her Murmuration series which is part of the Strange & Familiar: Three Views of Brighton exhibition at this years Brighton Photo Biennial.
Commissioned by Photoworks Editions it comes as a signed and numbered limited edition of just 50 for an incredibly low price of £150.
For more information or to purchase go here or here. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a real photograph by a world renowned photographer, at this price they surely won't last long.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Venus II by Annie Kevans

Annie Kevans is a young British artist who specialises in imagined portraits of famous people, her Boys series for her degree show, which featured portraits of dictators as young children, was bought in it's entirety by Charles Saatchi in 2004.
This painting is an original oil on paper from her All the Presidents Girls series which depicts mistresses of American Presidents. Venus was the lover of George Washington.
I bought this from FAS Contemporary Art in London a couple of years ago. Annie is no longer represented by this gallery, she now sells her work through the Perry Rubenstein gallery in New York.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ash Wednesday, New Orleans by Alec Soth

Ash Wednesday, New Orleans by Alec Soth. Photo book published in an edition of 500 by Japanese publisher Super Labo.

 Available in a standard edition and a limited edition of 20 than  comes with a signed and numbered  C-print. Both versions are still available at the time of writing, but are sure to sell out soon.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Karen Kilimnik - The Royal Little Red Riding Hood print

This is a recent ebay find. I wanted to buy this print when it first became available at the Serpentine gallery in 2007, but finances did not allow at the time and it quickly sold out.
In the interim I have seen a couple of these sell, one for over £1000, so was very pleased to be the only bidder on this occasion, winning the print for barely over the original selling price - it's really nice!
Kilimnik’s print for the Serpentine, The Royal Little Red Riding Hood, is based on one of the artist’s recent paintings, with hand-applied glitter used to articulate the golden carriage in the foreground. The image reflects the artist’s fascination with fables and fairy tales, which are a recurring theme in her work.
This Serpentine Gallery Limited Edition represents a unique opportunity to collect Kilimnik’s work.
The Royal Little Red Riding Hood 2007
40.6 x 32.5cm
Edition of 200, signed and numbered
£250 (now long sold out - sorry!)