Sunday 23 October 2011

Zara McFarlane - Until Tomorrow

Chiaroscuro Zara McFarlane - Until Tomorrow.

I don't usually post about music on this blog - it doesn't seem to fit the remit, but frankly that has been pretty fluid of late anyway, and this new album just deserves wider recognition.

Until Tomorrow is the debut album of Zara McFarlane. It is a jazz album, but don't let that put you off - you only think you don't like jazz! (If you do like jazz congratulations, now go and buy this album...) Every track is a winner, though I think it could have lived without the alternate take of More Than Mine.

One caveat for Mac users - this CD would not load on mine, I had to use my son's PC to get it into iTunes and then share it with myself - a bit of a chore...

You can read more about Zara and the album here and you can buy it from Brownswood recordings here or Amazon here as well as downloading from iTunes etc.

Zara McFarlane - More Than Mine
Zara McFarlane - Captured (part 3)
Zara McFarlane - Mama Done
Zara McFarlane - Until Tomorrow
Zara McFarlane - Blossom Tree
Zara McFarlane - Feed The Spirit (The Children and The Warlock)
Zara McFarlane - Waking Sleep (Thoughts)
Zara McFarlane - Chiaroscuro
Zara McFarlane - Desire
Zara McFarlane - More Than Mine (alternate take)

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