Tuesday 8 February 2011

Broken Manual Special Edition by Alec Soth and Lester B. Morrison

 Having been part of the display in Soth's show at the Walker Art Center my copy of this special edition has just arrived today!
 The book is bound in a carved out section of an old large book, each is different, mine is in a copy of David O. Selznick's Hollywood. Absolutely love the way the book is hidden behind the gatefold of cinema curtains at the beginning of the book, this kind of attention to detail is continued throughout.

 Underneath the copy of Broken Manual there is hidden a Liberation Billfold Manifest, which in turn hides a family photograph with the father's head scratched out. This is also where the book case is signed and numbered.

 Inside the Broken Manual there is a 10x8 print, signed and numbered on the back by Soth and Morrison.

And finally the back cover is stamped, signed and numbered by Soth.
 The book literally only arrived an hour ago so I have not had time to fully absorb it yet, this is quite a rarity compared to some other photobooks, there is actually some real content here, rather than just a feast for the eyes.
 I ordered my copy of this as soon as it was announced, since then the price has doubled. Copies are still available from Steidl and Little Brown Mushroom for £600 €750 $950. These prices may seem high, but when compared to the increasing value of Soth's backlist it still looks good value to me.

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