Sunday 1 August 2010

Life with Maggie by Ofer Wolberger

Life With Maggie , or Talents 17 as it is also called it a great book by Ofer Wolberger and Jennifer Crowley. I have seen mention of this photographic series around for a while, but did not know it had been released in book form, happily I have stumbled across it.
Each image in the series at first seems fairly ordinary, but have a strange feeling of dislocation, a flatness about them.
On closer inspection you see there is something odd about the figure in the pictures, initially I thought it was photoshop trickery.
In fact a mask is being worn by the model.
The book itself is a bifold format with the front 'book' being the images and the back 'book' being an in depth interview bet Ofer and Jennifer Crowley.

I love this book, it is limited to 500 numbered copies, but it is still available, you can even get it at a good price from Amazon. I highly recommend you purchase a copy.

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