Sunday 26 September 2010

Karen Kilimnik - The Royal Little Red Riding Hood print

This is a recent ebay find. I wanted to buy this print when it first became available at the Serpentine gallery in 2007, but finances did not allow at the time and it quickly sold out.
In the interim I have seen a couple of these sell, one for over £1000, so was very pleased to be the only bidder on this occasion, winning the print for barely over the original selling price - it's really nice!
Kilimnik’s print for the Serpentine, The Royal Little Red Riding Hood, is based on one of the artist’s recent paintings, with hand-applied glitter used to articulate the golden carriage in the foreground. The image reflects the artist’s fascination with fables and fairy tales, which are a recurring theme in her work.
This Serpentine Gallery Limited Edition represents a unique opportunity to collect Kilimnik’s work.
The Royal Little Red Riding Hood 2007
40.6 x 32.5cm
Edition of 200, signed and numbered
£250 (now long sold out - sorry!)

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