Friday 3 September 2010

Darren Almond - Yamal limited edition print

Newly released by the White Cube gallery a really nice looking print by Darren Almond. Edition is only 50, and I just ordered one, so only 49 left at most! Just £145, get yours here.

White Cube is pleased to present the release of 'Yamal' by Darren Almond. As a continuation of the artist's ongoing fascination with this part of the world, the image depicts a stretch of the most Northerly railtrack in the world – the Talnah-Norilsk-Dudinka railway, photographed in the harshest of winter conditions. It leads to the city of Norlisk on the cusp of the Artic circle. Originally a gulag, Norilsk is now predominantly an industrial city that mines large amounts of valuable ores in particular nickel. The tracks recede into the distance but the snow and wind soften its linearity, blurring the image so that it looks like a piece of found archival material.

Edition of 50
Somerset Photo Satin 300gms
38.5 x 60 cm
Signed and numbered

UPDATE 8th Sept Price has increased to £200...


  1. its now 400 pounds plus vat.. how can they inflate it by that much?!

  2. Yes, I saw that, guess it must be nearly sold out. It was £300 last week, so some must have sold at that price, very glad I got in there early...