Tuesday 7 September 2010

Alec Soth - Broken Manual special edition

Newly announced from Steidl is another new book by Alec Soth.
Broken Manual comes in a standard paperback edition, but also a very special edition on 300, encased inside another book and including a 10x8 signed and numbered print.

Available for pre-order now, these will be part of Soth's exhibit at the Walker Art Center until January 2011. The first 50 copies are available at a reduced price of £350 or $500 get yours here.

UPDATE: Also available from Little Brown Mushroom but looks like it is selling fast there, the price has already gone from $500 to $600.

UPDATE 10th Feb 2011 Prices now up to £600 or $950 my copy has arrived, to see pictures go here.

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