Monday 21 May 2012

Jenny Saville - Continuum exhibition catalogue

 Continuum is the new book of Jenny Saville's paintings from the Gagosian Gallery. It is both a catalogue for the exhibition of the same name, as well as an overview of other works from 2005-2011.
 I have all of the other books and catalogues about Jenny Saville (most of them are detailed in other posts on this blog) and I have to say this might be the best one yet.
 It is large scale both in size and page number (120 pages) and has many reproductions of paintings that do not appear in any of the other books including the many different studies for the 'Stare' painting, it is very interesting to see the processes involved here.
 There are also installation views from the Continuum exhibition at the Gagosian, these go some way to giving an idea of the impact of scale at work.
 The book has a retail price of $100, but is currently available at a great price here. I strongly suggest you get hold of a copy of this book while you can, the earlier monographs like Territories and Closed Contact sold out very quickly and have increased in value quite considerably.


  1. just bought it, based partly on your review, and partly on my general love of her paintings. boy am i mad i missed her NYC show in 2011.

  2. You won't be disappointed, its a great book. Looking forward to her exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford in a few weeks time.