Monday 16 January 2012

Raymond Meeks - Oxbow

 Oxbow against the Sky - broadside number 1 by Raymond Meeks was delivered today and a really lovely thing it is too! The packaging itself if worth the purchase price, hand made with bamboo dowel, a real treat to open.
 Personal touches throughout, this is a real one-off, even though it is from an edition of 25, each differs as a result of being made by hand.
 From Raymond's website - Each broadside brings together an original set of darkroom prints i’ve been making; One as a silver gelatin print and the other, a silver halide transparency mounted to book paper.  
Abbey is deconstructing a book of french literature and physically removing text prior to mounting the transparency.  every page retains it’s history while we take certain liberties in responding individually.   As such, each broadside is unique. The cover print is a pigment inkjet on transparency, tipped in.

 More information about this and Raymond's other amazing artist books can be found on his website.

 The detailing is something special, I have tried to capture in the image below how the source book has been altered, with text literally scraped away by hand, very tactile.

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