Thursday 9 December 2010

Maxwell Anderson - Ten Days in July

This book is kind of a post script to the earlier See You Soon.

Following on from the book See You SoonTen Days in July documents
Jun's 10 day visit to London one year after she returned to Tokyo.
Through photographs and personal emails, Ten Days In July briefly steps
in to an endearing relationship which is forever disrupted by the turmoil
of long distance.

When the couple were separated, they thought they would never see
each other again. The four months they spent together would remain a
memory. However, the strength of their love for each other prevailed.
The book begins with a short email dialogue, catching the torment of
being so far apart. But when re-united, it is evident through the
photographs that being together comes naturally, although in some
cases, looking closer at Jun's expression, the complexity of the
situation haunts the atmosphere.

Published in an edition of 100 copies, each numbered by Anderson, the
book also has one page torn out from each copy.

Get yours here.

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