Thursday 19 August 2010

Todd Hido - Nymph Daughters

Nymph Daughters by Todd Hido is a new book in a limited edition of 500 published in Japan by Super Labo. I ordered mine from Book of Days, who always provide efficient friendly service.

There is also a Special Edition of 20 copies with a signed and numbered print, sadly out of my budget at this time at 73,500 Yen, that's around $850 or £550. You can get this from Photoeye in the US if you don't mind paying double - they are asking $1,500 for the Special Edition!

I've just seen that Super Labo have also just published a new book by Alec Soth called Ash Wednesday, New Orleans, again in an edition of 500, or 20 of the Special Edition. I have just ordered a copy of the standard edition, pictures to follow when it arrives.

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