Wednesday 14 July 2010

Estate by Jake Dow-Smith

This is a hand made limited edition of just 10 books, it is a curated collection by Jake Dow-Smith featuring works by:
Daniel Augschoell
Alexander Paul Brandes
Alexi Hobbs
Marlon Kowalski
Jake Dow-Smith
Sean Stewart
Will Govus
Carlo Van De Roer
Pete Halupka
Justin James Reed
Matthew Genitempo
Hin Chua
Pedro Alfacinha
Frankie Pike
Andrew Nemiroski
Bryan Schutmaat
Julia Grassi
Katharina Schumacher
Maximilian Haidacher
Hannah Whitaker
Grant Willing
Keith Davis Young
Austin Irving
Jessica Williams
Ernest Protasiewicz
Felicia Honkasalo
Sam Williams

The two volumes are copies of one another except that the black book has the images and the red book has the names of the contributors without the images.
Really nice to see the exposed hand stitching.
The books feature a huge variety of paper stocks, overlays and cutouts, it has clearly been planned and thought out very well.
I bought my copy from Jake via triangletriangle, they sold out it two hours, so I was very lucky to get one.
There are plans to make a regular edition of the book this summer. I do hope this happens, this deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

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